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Russia push Kurds to join Afrin to Syrian government 

Rojava – North of Syria:

The chairman of the military council, Afrin, said: “YPG has rejected the Russian request to join the Afrin area to the Syrian central government.

In an announcement referring to the issues raised about the delivery of Arifin to the central government of Syria, Behjat Abdo, chairman of the Army’s military council, said: “With the arrival of Russian troops to the Canton of Afrin, the attacks of the Turkish Army were also on the rise. Following these developments, Russia urged the Syrian Democratic Alliance to give Canton Afarin the central government of Syria.

He detailed his remarks, saying that YPG has rejected Russia’s offer for the transfer of Afriin to the Syrian government, said Russia has promised YPG that it will be able to supply logistics and protection if the Syrian central government governs Afrin from Turkey incursion if it receives it. To stop the attack on Turkey Aggression.


Rojava Revolution Telegram Channel.


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