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Dr. Michael Chyet, fluent in at least ten languages including Kurdish


From Dr. Sheyholislami’s page: “This is a great interview with Dr. Michael Chyet, an American linguist, lexicographer، folklorist, teacher, librarian, and much more، who is currently working at the Library of Congress. In this interview, Michael, very modestly, says that he has learned 40 languages but he cannot say that they are as good as his English. However, he is fluent in at least ten languages (I’m sure there are more, but he is just too modest). These include: English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Yiddish, Sorani Kurdish, Kurmanji Kurdish. This interview is conducted in the latter which he speaks fluently. I’ve also heard him speaking Kurdish Sorani, my mother tongue, very fluently. His language learning skills are unique, to say the least. His Kurdish [Kurmanji]-English dictionary is one of the most reliable and comprehensive to date. “

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