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(ISIS) managed to seize 5 villages

AZAZ — Daesh(ISIS) managed to seize 5 villages from Turkish-backed opposition rebels headed by FSA east and north-east of Azaz in the past 24 hours (video shows how close they are to Azaz now- approx. 5-6 km), also seizing a number of vehicles and weapons & munition the fleeing rebels left behind. Meanwhile YPG/SDF are fighting the opposition rebels south of Azaz, SDF repelled an attack at Ayn-Daqnah and Kafr Shashir near Til Rifaat. Also reports of Turkish cross-border artillery in the area. Clashes also continuing in Sheikh Masqud (Aleppo) between YPG/YPJ and Turkish-backed rebels. SDF(QSD) also reported that Daesh attacked their positions near Shaddadi with mortars containing chemicals, affecting 15 of their fighters.

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