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Turkey plans to Invade the West with Army of 5 Millions

Turkey has decided to form a huge army of Islam by uniting 57 Muslim countries. A Turkish newspaper in its …

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Afrin besieged by Turkey

Afrin besieged by Turkey: analysis (geopolitical) By Chris Den Hond Translate By : Hassan Ghazi During the round table in …

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Revolutionary Solidarity: Rojava and the International Struggle

What has been confirmed many times over by the individuals and groups who have traveled to Rojava, whether to report …

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Turkey Is Not Fighting ISIS. Turkey Is Expanding  ISIS Caliphate

Are Turks really fighting ISIS?  The reporter reveals that when you try to search the war declared by Turkey against ISIS …

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Shaky Turkish-Russia Detente

Voice of America reports that Turkish political instability will likely add to questions in Moscow over Ankara. “They [Moscow] are …

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Ayyubid Confederation: Empire of Wisdom and Moral

Introduction The Ayyubid or Ayyoubid Empire (Arabic:الأيوبيون, Kurdish: ئەیوبی) was the Kurdish dynasty of sultans founded by Saladin (Salah al-Din …

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