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The US census and the Kurdish diaspora

Dr. Amir Sharifi Amid fears and mounting uncertainty about Coronavirus, the U.S 2020 census will soon be underway on April …

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The First Documented Resettlement of Kurds

The First Documented Resettlement of Kurds into Western and Southwestern Anatolia circa 181 BC Dr. Mehrdad Izady – July 1998 …

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The Sassanids were Kurds not Persians

Written by: Dr Mahdi Kakei Translated from Arabic by: Shwan Koshnaw , from Kurdistanpost.nu The vast majority of eastern and …

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The Yazidies and the lie of Satan worship

Dr. Mahdi Kakei Since the creation, the human beings have created the “devil” with different names. They were afraid of …

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A Calculated Planned Move by US State Dept to Betray the Kurds

The more I read about the “US betrayed Kurds,” I don’t think it’s a betrayal; I think it was calculated primarily …

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UN support Turkish plan for northern Syria as 300,000 Kurds forced out

By Seth J. Frantzman   UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres appeared to back a Turkish plan to settle millions of …

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From Poet to Vice President

October 22, 2019 The Vice President Old Executive Office Building Washington, DC 20501 Dear Mr. Vice President, I consider it …

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We Will Choose Our People

Mazloum Abdi The world first heard of us, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), amid the chaos of our country’s civil …

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Attack in Iran raises specter of a potentially far larger conflagration

By James M. Dorsey A podcast version of this article is available at https://soundcloud.com/user-153425019/attack-in-iran-raises-spectre-of-a-potentially-far-larger-conflagration An attack on a military parade …

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Oil partitioned Kurdistan, covert agreements

The origins of the Red Line Agreement can be traced back to the initial formation of the Turkish Petroleum Company …

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