BBC Four – Storyville, Accidental Anarchist: Life Without Government

The story of ex-diplomat who turned into an Anarchist.

A year passed Suruç bloodbath 

Today is the 20th of July, the second anniversary of the massacre of Suruç/ Perseus.

Thirty-seven of the young people who went to the city to help rebuild Kobani were martyred by a suicide bomber attack of ISIL, supported by MIT and Turkish security forces. In the gathering of members of the Kurdish leftist organizations in Suruç 104 others were wounded.

Russia push Kurds to join Afrin to Syrian government 

Rojava – North of Syria:

The chairman of the military council, Afrin, said: “YPG has rejected the Russian request to join the Afrin area to the Syrian central government.

In an announcement referring to the issues raised about the delivery of Arifin to the central government of Syria, Behjat Abdo, chairman of the Army’s military council, said: “With the arrival of Russian troops to the Canton of Afrin, the attacks of the Turkish Army were also on the rise. Following these developments, Russia urged the Syrian Democratic Alliance to give Canton Afarin the central government of Syria.

He detailed his remarks, saying that YPG has rejected Russia’s offer for the transfer of Afriin to the Syrian government, said Russia has promised YPG that it will be able to supply logistics and protection if the Syrian central government governs Afrin from Turkey incursion if it receives it. To stop the attack on Turkey Aggression.


Rojava Revolution Telegram Channel.

Children from Kurdish rural regions succeed in Turkish high school entrance exam

A high number of students scored all of the questions correctly in the Transition from Primary to Secondary Education (TEOG) exam carried out on April 27 and 28.

Similar to previous years, children from these impoverished regions, who don’t have the financial privileges to pay for private lessons and who have to work outside school time, presented major successes in the exam.

Even though they revised for the exam while working in fields or shepherding, they managed to shine among 1,185,328 students who sat TEOG thanks to their endless ambitions. 

One such example is Habib Bitkin, 14, from the Çemişgezek district of the eastern province of Tunceli. Bitkin prepared for the exam while herding sheep in order to help his family make a living. He answered 119 out of the 120 questions correctly. 

Iranian-backed Forces Mass Near American Training Base In Syria

According to Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis, the pro-Assad forces have begun patrolling near the town of At Tanf, which is home to a U.S. facility where fighters are being trained to battle ISIS.

“American commanders and their Russian counterparts, deployed to Syria in support of the Assad regime, have designated At Tanf and the surrounding areas as a deconfliction zone, which bars any interference by any outside forces of coalition operations within the area,” The Washington Times reported. 


Abbas, Syrian Kurdish dissident: “Beware of the Saudis and Turks”

It has been reported that Turkey allegedly sent weapons to ISIS and traded in ISIS oil. Furthermore, numerous media outlets have noted that Turkey has permitted thousands of ISIS terrorists to smuggle across their border into Syria and have given medical assistance to ISIS terrorists.

Not too long ago, the Turkish entourage was recorded beating Kurdish and Armenian protesters in Washington, DC. In response to this action, Senator John McCain called for the Turkish Ambassador to be booted out of the US but Trump took zero action against Turkey for this.


Erdogan/Turkish bodyguards attack protesters in Washington

“Refugees” settled in North Kurdistan are given military training by Erdogan 

With specially selected groups under the guise of “aiding refugees”, the AKP regime wants to change the demographic structure in North Kurdistan and turn the region into a military barracks.

There are reports that hundreds of Afghans, Chechens, Uzbeks and Kyrgyzs who were settled in Kurdistan were given military training in the Erciş Brigade. The state wants to turn these people into paramilitary groups and use them in operations against the PKK.

The AKP regime had settled thousands of specially selected Afghan, Chechen, Uzbek and Kyrgyz men in the TOKİ housing in Van’s Erciş district. Hundreds more later settled in Ulupamir village in Erciş.

The ANF has obtained information that some 200 Uzbek, Afghan, Iranian and Arab men between 20 and 40 years of age are being given military training in the Erciş Brigade. These people are seen brought to the Erciş Brigade every morning at 07.00 and engaging in training.

A local resident, N.O., said they follow these people every morning and saw that the people speak Azerbaijani, Persian and Arabic among themselves.


Erdogan’s Crimes against Humanity

Yazidis say they have been subjected to 72 genocidal massacres. The latest genocide, committed by ISIS, is the 73rd and is still going on. Tens of thousands of Yazidis have been displaced and are refugees in several countries. Hundreds of Yazidi girls and women are still bought, sold and raped by ISIS terrorists — the same men who murdered their husbands and fathers.

While Yazidis are still suffering from these atrocities, Turkey, evidently still no friend of non-Muslims, has attacked them yet again.

On August 3, 2014, Islamic State terrorists invaded Sinjar, the homeland of the Yazidis in Iraq, and started slaughtering the Yazidis; many survivors fled up Mount Sinjar.

In his speech to the U.S. Congress, Mirza Ismail, founder and chairman of the Yezidi Human Rights Organization-International, described the genocide in Sinjar and pled for help:

“The entire Yezidi population was displaced in less than one day on August 3, 2014! The Yezidis and Chaldo-Assyrian Christians face this genocide together. Why? Because we are not Muslims, and because our path is the path of peace. For this, we are being burned alive. For living as men and women of peace.”

The Yazidis, a Kurdish-speaking, non-Muslim minority indigenous to northern Mesopotamia, oppose violence. Their faith combines aspects of ancient Mesopotamian religions, including Zoroastrianism.


Has Turkey send 5000 Chinese Jihadi to Syria? 

According to a source in farsi media, Syria ambassador to China is claimed that 5000 Chinese muslim have been moved to Syria and fight under ISIS ideology. This is first time of jihadis from muslim uyghor community being reported. Turkey has long been a supportive of Chinese muslims and some experts would concern the possible relations between the two.