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Violations against Iranian Kurds and Ahwazis raised at UNGA meeting

On the sidelines of the 36th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, a Symposium titled Violations of Rights of non-Persian ethnicities by the Iranian State ‘ has been held.

The Tuesday event was organized by the Ahwazi Organization for the Defense of Human Rights and a number of other organizations from different countries including the International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the Geneva International Center for Justice, the International Organization for Education and others.

Several revered figures spoke at the event, including Portugal’s Paolo Casca, former member of the European Parliament, Taher Boumedra, former representative of the UK at United Nations, Amad Al Quraishi, Political Analyst from Pakistan, Karen Parker, who attended on behalf of International Education “of the United States, and Clanuz Siddaminova, Senior Human Rights Researcher.

The speakers stressed the need to highlight the violations of Iran in the non-Persian peoples, especially in Ahwaz since such issues have been out of the limelight over the past years.

They yet stressed the clerical regime targets all the brackets of the Ahwazi people without exception. And the Iranian regime itself runs the networks of drug trafficking aimed to destroy lives of youths.



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