آوریل, 2016

  • 7 آوریل

    Al-Nusra fighters shell Kurdish urban area

    Al-Nusra fighters connected to Turkish government revenge on civilians due to the defeat from Kurdish fighters. Kurdish urban area is under artillery by Al-Nusra front. They have shell Kurdish urban area in Shex Maqsud suburb of Heleb (Aleppo) city in Syria. They civilians are targeted only being Kurd.   https://www.facebook.com/handrenfaraj.hawrami/videos/794358414032052/

  • 5 آوریل

    HR report on Iran is released

    The 8th annual report on the death penalty in Iran shows that the Islamic Republic of Iran had one of the darkest years of its history with reference to the number of executions. On average between two and three people were hanged every single day in 2015. This stands in …

  • 5 آوریل

    Turkey’s War With the Kurds Is Getting Bloodier by the Day

    A member of the Socialist Youth Associations Federation, or SGDF, 24-year-old Ekinci was one of a growing number of Western students forging links with Kurdish youth groups in both southeastern Turkey and in the town of Kobani on the Turkey-Syria border, the latter the site of major fighting between Islamic …

  • 4 آوریل

    Turkey: The Business of Refugee Smuggling, Sex Trafficking

    Professional criminals convince parents that their daughters are going to a better life in Turkey. The parents are given 2000-5000 Turkish liras ($700-$1700) as a “bride price” — an enormous sum for a poor Syrian family. “Girls between the ages of twelve and sixteen are referred to as pistachios, those …

  • 4 آوریل

    Are US and Turkey breaking up ?

    The shift in the US’ approach to Turkey became visible when President Obama wouldn’t hold an official meeting with the Turkish leader during the latter’s ongoing visit to America. Despite several common objectives with Ankara, Washington seems to be incapable of turning a blind eye to President Erdogan anymore. Michael Maloof, former CIA officer and political analyst, believes that …

  • 3 آوریل

    Turks shoot to kill as refugees cross border

    According to London Times, Turkish border forces are shooting refugees dead as they flee the civil war in Syria, The Times has learnt. Sixteen migrants, including three children, were killed by guards as they crossed into Turkey over the past four months, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, …

  • 3 آوریل

    USA and Syrian Kurdish forces joint operation to liberate Jarabulus

    USA and Syrian Kurdish forces have agreed upon a joint operation to liberate Jarabulus and Manbij cities on the west bank of Euphrates River. A source revealed to BasNews that a number of US officials met with the Syrian Kurdish forces earlier on Wednesday, March 30, discussing the liberation of …

  • 2 آوریل

    A Kurdish prisoner gets 10 more years due to missing file

    According to Mafnew, Mostafapour,  a 25-year-old political prisoner, was expected to be released this year. He was arrested in 1991 on a charge of being related to one of the Kurdish political parties.  He was sentenced to 25 years in prison after receiving lashes and several forms of tortures. In …

  • 2 آوریل

    Shutdown of Kurdish Magazines in Iran

    20 Kurdish magazine and newspapers in one city were closed down by Iranian government According to news agency Kurdpa, Press General Office of the Ministry of Culture said in a previous statement last year, the circulation of 21 Persian/Kurdish periodicals in Kurdistan were shut down. This decision is taken based …

مارس, 2016

  • 31 مارس

    Iran sentences Kurd for writing to UN

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – Yousef Kakehmami, an Iranian Kurd already serving a nine-year sentence in Oroumieh Central Prison, was sentenced to five more years for writing a letter to the United Nations (UN). Kakehmami was denied a state-appointed lawyer although most prisoners receive one. Amnesty International (AI) reported on …