مارس, 2016

  • 31 مارس

    Iran sentences Kurd for writing to UN

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) – Yousef Kakehmami, an Iranian Kurd already serving a nine-year sentence in Oroumieh Central Prison, was sentenced to five more years for writing a letter to the United Nations (UN). Kakehmami was denied a state-appointed lawyer although most prisoners receive one. Amnesty International (AI) reported on …

فوریه, 2016

  • 25 فوریه

    13 Kurdish civilians killed ,197 wounded in Turkish-ISIS attack

    ALEPPO (ANF) – Al-Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sham gangs continue their heavy aggression on the mainly Kurdish Sheikh Maqsoud (Şêxmeqsûd) neighborhood of Aleppo city over the past 5 days. As part of the heavy artillery aggression targeting the areas of Cendûl and Kastêlo junction, the neighborhood has been hit by dozens …

  • 25 فوریه

    Europe: Hearing for summary judgement in Ocalan’s case

    A hearing for summary judgement in the case of of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan was held in Athens. The decision of the case will be declared within 3 to 12 months, and lawyer Rachiotis stated that Kurdish people’s struggle would determine the result of the case in Greece. The …

  • 23 فوریه

    Impending death of a Kurdish political prisoner Afshin Sohrabzadeh

    The Iranian government holds thousands citizens in prison, among them hundreds of political activists, dissidents, journalists and members of banned exiled political parties. The government sees and deals with them strictly as a security issue. Several rights groups are warning about “the impending death” of a political prisoner Afshin Sohrabzadeh. …

  • 23 فوریه

    EU envoy shocked with crimes in Kurdistan during army incursion

    European Parliament Turkey Rapporteur Kati Piri has commentated how the civilians were leaving the basement in Sur; “There are serious human rights violations taking place and the desperation of many people is getting bigger”. Minister for European Union Bozkır has reacted; “Piri has lost her impartiality”. Read Further

  • 22 فوریه

    Turkish brutality against Kurds

    Turkish state brutality in Kurdistan never been shown on any TV outlets because AKP government does not want it to be seen.  

  • 22 فوریه

    HDP- Urgent Call: Don’t Let Tomorrow Be Too Late for Sur

    The indefinite, round-the-clock curfews that the AKP government has declared in Turkeys Kurdish provinces since August 16, 2015 continue to deepen the emergency situation that undermines basic human rights and freedoms in the region, including the right to live and personal safety. As of today, curfews have been effective in …

  • 22 فوریه

    Iran:Kurdish Juvenile sentenced to death again: Amanj Veisee

    Urgent Action; Kurdish Juvenile offender Amanj Veisee has been sentenced to death for the second time, after a retrial Juvenile offender Amanj Veisee has been sentenced to death for the second time, after a retrial. The court dismissed as “non-binding” an official forensic report which had concluded that he had …