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North of Kurdistan

Jailed for singing in Kurdish

Turkey claims that she does not hate Kurds but hate terrorists. This for many Kurds in Turkey would not be a true statement as they experience otherwise in everyday life. Turkey has used anti-terror measures even before the establishment of PKK party. Since the establishment of new Turkey which born …


Jail for saying “don’t let children die”

Ayse Celik, a teacher living in the city of Diyarbakir in southeast Turkey, will go to prison on April 20 with the accusation of “terrorist propaganda” for saying, “don’t let children die,” on a popular talk show. Celik was sentenced to 15 months with the charge of “terrorist propaganda” in …


Missing Kurdish Groom

A groom was arrested on his way to his wedding, in Turkeys Diyarbekir province. The groom was accused of insulting president Erdogan on social media posts/messages. The groom got sentenced to prison for three years and nine months! So the bride who claims the authorities choose this day by purpose, …


Opposition HDP co-leader Demirtas and other prisoners end 35 day hunger strike

Opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) co-leader Selahattin Demirtas and other Kurdish prisoners ended a 35-day hunger strike in Edirne Prison after authorities promised to resolve issues relating to prison conditions and rights violations. Demirtas and another HDP lawmaker Abdullah Zeydan’s hunger strike lasted less than 24 hours. The pair had joined the protest to …


PKK predicts ‘tough fight’ with Turkish army in Iraqi Kurdistan

PKK Executive Committee member, Murat Karayilan, told the PKK’s media wing on Wednesday that PKK fighters are completely prepared for any fight against Turkish forces in the Qandil Mountains. “The Turkish government and army failed in the al-Bab fight [in Syria]. It continuously fails in the fight,” Karayilan added. “They want to …


Shaky Turkish-Russia Detente

Voice of America reports that Turkish political instability will likely add to questions in Moscow over Ankara. “They [Moscow] are aware of the difficulties faced by Turkey,” notes Haldun Solmazturk, head of the Ankara-based research group 21st Century Turkey Institute. “They are aware of the priority given by the Turkish …


Turkey: An Uncertain Ally? 

Much has been written about the Turkish leader over the decades. He first came to the attention of Western countries in the early 1990s as mayor of Istanbul, an Islamist leading what was then perceived as a Western-oriented, progressive, cosmopolitan city. He was successful with reforms and constituent services, but …


Turkey forces Kurds to rally against Rojava

The Turkish state obligates the Kurds on the Turkish land to go out for demonstrations against the Kurdish people in Syria and northern Syria. Moreover, anyone who does not participate in the demonstrations would go out of the Turkish lands. Reliable sources in Turkey stated that the Turkish state gave …