East Kurdistan

Slaughtered Kurdistan of Iran

The world never talks about what Iranian regime does to Kurds in East Kurdistan, Iranian regime killed 175 Kurds in last 3 weeks in East Kurdistan, and threw 15 of them to lakes and deep rivers near Snanadej and Bokan, Kurdish people themselves found those dead bodies underwater. Amnesty International …


Two Presidents, an Oscar and Kurds

Kani Xulam writes a letter to Mr. Ahmadinejad.  As a native of Kurdistan, I hate seeing you provide grist for late-night comedians to demean our image! You should be as sick and tired as I am of being a humiliating punch line for the English-speaking world. Why not let them …


Seven Kurds Sentenced to Execution

Seven Iranian Kurds were sentenced to death on charges of enmity with god , “Moharebe” by Karaj court . They have been arrested on Feb 2015 with no clear evident. There is no any legal base for these accusations and Iran system randomly kill Kurdish citizens to silence the rest. …