PKK call to change Iranian regime

One of the PKK leaders has called to change Iranian regime.  According to the ANF media, “The Kurdish people are struggling against those inhumane practices to gain a freer live, become their own master and defend their existence. And they will definitely succeed by stepping up the freedom struggle more …


Old Kurdish woman beaten by Iranian forces 

Kurds from Iran celebrating referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan and according to the reports, numerous individuals have been arrested.  Among them, old woman from Senna, Sanandaj city is beaten by the security forces of Iran. 


Revealing the brutal repression of Kurds in Iran

Acts of brutality against the Kurdish population in Iran is a regular occurrence. For instance, just a few days ago (September 4, 2017), soldiers of Iran’s dreaded Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp of Iran (IRGC) shot dead two porters in cold blood in the western city of Baneh. In protest against …