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Turkey may attack Tal Rifaat to expel Kurds

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:50 P.M.) – Turkey is actively seeking to have the Russian military kick out the Kurdish-led YPG forces from the northern Aleppo town of Tal Rifa’at, a source in Aleppo told Al-Masdar News this afternoon. According to the source in Aleppo, Turkey has repeatedly asked the Russians to …


Grieving father talks about Turkish massacre one year later

Last year on October 8, Turkish warplanes hit a house in Toybux village. The massacre happened in the daylight with no ISIS members visible. Imam Sexo Hamo was pulled out of the rubble but he lost 11 members of his family including his eight children.  Source  https://anfenglish.com/rojava/grieving-father-talks-about-turkish-massacre-one-year-later-22574


Every place must become a ground of resistance

A genocide is being committed in Kurdistan and the world must recognize and assess it correctly. This genocide is being conducted from all sides. After the treaty of Lausanne the decision was given to exterminate the Kurdish people physically and culturally. This decision is still prevalent and still put into …


Erdogan personally visited ISIS training camps 

Lt. Col. Ahmad Ahmad Qahvechi, former commander of the Diar Bakr garrison has said: “ISIL forces had seen training before the start of the civil war in Syria and Iraq at the secret Turkish army bases near the borders of Iraq and Syria, and Erdogan’s daughter had repeatedly visited these …


A year passed Suruç bloodbath 

Today is the 20th of July, the second anniversary of the massacre of Suruç/ Perseus. Thirty-seven of the young people who went to the city to help rebuild Kobani were martyred by a suicide bomber attack of ISIL, supported by MIT and Turkish security forces. In the gathering of members …


Abbas, Syrian Kurdish dissident: “Beware of the Saudis and Turks”

It has been reported that Turkey allegedly sent weapons to ISIS and traded in ISIS oil. Furthermore, numerous media outlets have noted that Turkey has permitted thousands of ISIS terrorists to smuggle across their border into Syria and have given medical assistance to ISIS terrorists. Not too long ago, the Turkish …