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The US census and the Kurdish diaspora

Dr. Amir Sharifi Amid fears and mounting uncertainty about Coronavirus, the U.S 2020 census will soon be underway on April 1. Most American households must have received the census mailings that went out in March, with instructions reminding us how to pencil in responses on those funny folding papers every …


From Poet to Vice President

October 22, 2019 The Vice President Old Executive Office Building Washington, DC 20501 Dear Mr. Vice President, I consider it my duty and my honor to serve my people through my writing as a poet and a translator, particularly bringing Walt Whitman into Kurdish. I have watched as you reacted …


Israel Shares “Deeply Troubling” Intel with U.S. on Iranian Troop

Israel remains concerned about Iranian influence in southern Syria, despite high level discussions between United States and Israeli security officials in Washington last week. The Israeli delegation that visited Washington last week included Yossi Cohen, head of the Israeli external intelligence agency Mossad, and the head of IDF Military Intelligence. …


Iranian-backed Forces Mass Near American Training Base In Syria

According to Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis, the pro-Assad forces have begun patrolling near the town of At Tanf, which is home to a U.S. facility where fighters are being trained to battle ISIS. “American commanders and their Russian counterparts, deployed to Syria in support of the Assad regime, have …


Why Trump Should Support a Kurdish State?

At the same time, the United States often finds itself supporting nations or groups of fighters in the Middle East who make for rather dubious allies. It supported the mujahideen in Afghanistan, which turned into the Taliban. The rebels the United States supported in Libya committed about the same level …