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اکتبر, 2017

  • 17 اکتبر

    House raids on Kurds in Kirkuk after Iranian backed militias invasion

    According to local sources Hashd al-Shaabi forces have conducted house raids in Kurdish neighbourhoods of the Kirkuk city in the wake of their invasion on Monday. In Hesen neighbourhood, Kurdish politicians’ houses were targeted by the Shite milita. Hashd al-Shaabi members checked every house in the neighbourhood and searched for …

سپتامبر, 2017

آگوست, 2017

  • 22 آگوست

    Israel Shares “Deeply Troubling” Intel with U.S. on Iranian Troop

    Israel remains concerned about Iranian influence in southern Syria, despite high level discussions between United States and Israeli security officials in Washington last week. The Israeli delegation that visited Washington last week included Yossi Cohen, head of the Israeli external intelligence agency Mossad, and the head of IDF Military Intelligence. …

  • 7 آگوست

    Erdogan personally visited ISIS training camps 

    Lt. Col. Ahmad Ahmad Qahvechi, former commander of the Diar Bakr garrison has said: “ISIL forces had seen training before the start of the civil war in Syria and Iraq at the secret Turkish army bases near the borders of Iraq and Syria, and Erdogan’s daughter had repeatedly visited these …

جولای, 2017

  • 31 جولای

    Iran Missile Failed

    The Iranian Simorgh rocket failed a “catastrophic failure” shortly after launch on Thursday and blew up before it reached space. As seen in this video, the crowd voice is tuned down after the failure.

  • 20 جولای

    A year passed Suruç bloodbath 

    Today is the 20th of July, the second anniversary of the massacre of Suruç/ Perseus. Thirty-seven of the young people who went to the city to help rebuild Kobani were martyred by a suicide bomber attack of ISIL, supported by MIT and Turkish security forces. In the gathering of members …

  • 13 جولای

    Iranian Bloodbath- every 4-hour, one executed 

    According to sources, Iranian government has executed a prisoner in every four hours for last 12 day. The Iranian government has accelerated execution of prisoners after Ramadan month this year.  Source : https://iranhr.net/fa/articles/2970/