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آوریل, 2017

  • 23 آوریل

    Iranian president Hassan Rouhani ‘plagiarised PhD thesis at Scottish university’

    A Scottish university has confirmed it received a complaint that Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, plagiarised part of the thesis for the doctorate he obtained in the 1990s. “I do not know if Mr Rouhani has engaged in plagiarism or not. What I do know is Glasgow Caledoninan is not …

  • 22 آوریل

    Continuous imprisonment  of pro-Kurdish deputies

    The pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputy Burcu Çelik was arrested by a Muş court on Wednesday for “membership in an armed terrorist organization” and “attempting to destroy the unity of the state and nation.” Çelik was reportedly sent to Muş Prison late on Wednesday. Source  https://www.turkishminute.com/2017/04/20/turkey-jails-another-pro-kurdish-deputy-bringing-total-to-14/

  • 20 آوریل

    Iran hanged 27 Kurds in 2016 

    According to KMMK, Iranian government has hanged 30 political dissidents in 2016. The report confirms that 27 out of 30 prisoners were among Kurdish ethnicity.  Source  http://www.kmmk.info/fa/6994

  • 19 آوریل

    Italian Journalist jailed in Turkey for 10 Days to Go On Hunger Strike

    According to Doğan News Agency (DHA) citing Italy-based ANSA news agency, Gabriele Del Grande was allowed to speak with some of his friends and his spouse Alexanda D’Onofrio, who lives in Greece, for the first since his detention on April 9. Telling that he is in good condition but now …

  • 18 آوریل

    Bursa man jailed for wearing pro-Kurdistan T-shirt

    Hakan T., a Kurdish civilian, was arrested by a Bursa court on Monday for wearing a T-shirt featuring an independent Kurdistan map while voting in a referendum on a switch to an executive presidency. Hakan was initially detained by police late on Sunday, and a day later an İnegöl court …

  • 18 آوریل

    ‘No’ votes found in construction site in Suruç

    Many torn ballots with ‘No’ votes have been found in a building under construction in Suruç district of Urfa. The ballots, all with official stamps, were reportedly torn and annihilated en masse. According to unofficial and dubious results of the referendum, ‘No’ votes prevailed in Suruç with a rate of …

  • 9 آوریل

    5300 prisoners in Iran scheduled for execution 

    According to reports from association of family of prisoners, a public meeting and campaign against the execution of political prisoners are blocked. The association protest planned in front of Iranian parliament.  In other statement, MP from Jiroft announced that 5300 prisoners are scheduled to be executed.  Amnesty and humanitarian organizations …

مارس, 2017

  • 16 مارس

    Address To The Kurdish Nation

    I am a member of a very old people, the Jewish people, one of the oldest on the planet: a people that founded one of the youngest states, Israel—an experience that you Kurds are now preparing to replicate. You have lived through countless trials, endured innumerable twists of fate, suffered …

  • 14 مارس

    Efficiently Playing Kurdish Card in Syria

    Damascus-led forces “will need to cross the Euphrates in order to advance towards Raqqa. The US-backed SDF are active on the bank the SAA moved to. The Kurds have reached the left bank of the Euphrates, south of Raqqa. In other words, they have cut the direct route between the city and Deir ez-Zor. Government forces need to reach …

  • 10 مارس

    Erdogan’s Obsession With Killing Kurds Could Necessitate a US-Russia Alliance in Syria

    We’re not joking: Turkey has become so crazy that it might require Russia and the U.S. to team up in northern Syria. Actually, we suspect there is already a high level of cooperation that is not being publicly disclosed, for political reasons. Source  http://russia-insider.com/en/turkey-has-become-so-crazy-it-might-necessitate-us-russia-alliance-syria/ri19156