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مارس, 2018

  • 17 مارس

    Bozu and his son corpse

    Alongside his son’s body (Azad Bozu) on #Basouta road southern Afrin, Muhammad Ali Bozu, the father, stands still lost and diminished not knowing what to do with his 35 year son’s dead body who died in his injuries in Mahmoudieh massacre today’s morning. A photo taken by a publicist summarizing …

اکتبر, 2017

  • 22 اکتبر

    367 corpses of Shite militias in Najaf 

    367 Iranian backed militias, Hashd forces killed by Kurds being buried in Najaf.  Iran tries to praise and glorify militias who attacked Kurdistan lands as martyrs and revive Karbala and Shite symbols. 

  • 17 اکتبر

    House raids on Kurds in Kirkuk after Iranian backed militias invasion

    According to local sources Hashd al-Shaabi forces have conducted house raids in Kurdish neighbourhoods of the Kirkuk city in the wake of their invasion on Monday. In Hesen neighbourhood, Kurdish politicians’ houses were targeted by the Shite milita. Hashd al-Shaabi members checked every house in the neighbourhood and searched for …

  • 9 اکتبر

    Grieving father talks about Turkish massacre one year later

    Last year on October 8, Turkish warplanes hit a house in Toybux village. The massacre happened in the daylight with no ISIS members visible. Imam Sexo Hamo was pulled out of the rubble but he lost 11 members of his family including his eight children.  Source  https://anfenglish.com/rojava/grieving-father-talks-about-turkish-massacre-one-year-later-22574

سپتامبر, 2017

آگوست, 2017

  • 26 آگوست

    America is responsible for Turkey’s genocide against Kurdish 

    Birlik said the same goes for Şırnak city center and that 70% of the city center has been demolished. Birlik stated that the city has been completely destroyed and nothing about life has been left standing, the city of Şırnak has been turned into a construction site with diggers and …

  • 11 آگوست

    Every place must become a ground of resistance

    A genocide is being committed in Kurdistan and the world must recognize and assess it correctly. This genocide is being conducted from all sides. After the treaty of Lausanne the decision was given to exterminate the Kurdish people physically and culturally. This decision is still prevalent and still put into …