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جولای, 2017

  • 20 جولای

    A year passed Suruç bloodbath 

    Today is the 20th of July, the second anniversary of the massacre of Suruç/ Perseus. Thirty-seven of the young people who went to the city to help rebuild Kobani were martyred by a suicide bomber attack of ISIL, supported by MIT and Turkish security forces. In the gathering of members …

  • 13 جولای

    Iranian Bloodbath- every 4-hour, one executed 

    According to sources, Iranian government has executed a prisoner in every four hours for last 12 day. The Iranian government has accelerated execution of prisoners after Ramadan month this year.  Source : https://iranhr.net/fa/articles/2970/

  • 6 جولای

    Adnan Rashidi arrested by Iranian order

    According to Human rights groups, Adnan Rashidi, a Kurdish human rights activist was arrested by Asayesh forces of Iraqi Kurdistan and he has been tortured.  Mr. Rashidi is from Rojhelat/Kurdistan under Iran rule and being arrested under Iranian pressure over Asayesh of Pinjwen district. 

ژوئن, 2017

  • 18 ژوئن

    Iran shell its own Kurdish citizen 

    According to reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and according to the website of Kurdistan Media, Friday dated 16 June 2017, about 10 pm, the military government of Iran to the shelling of the village of “Zaferan ” of city functions “of Sar Pol Zahab” in Kermanshah province …

  • 15 ژوئن

    Iran, a Kurdish prisoner uncertainty from “Gilan-e Gharb”

    According to reports received, ” Yahya Firouzi ” when the 17 years old was in keeping with his older brother committed murder in the first court was sentenced to 15 years in prison and then executed. The report said Yahya Firouzi  born on 28 April 1989 in the village ” …

  • 10 ژوئن

    Iran militrizes Kurdish areas under pretext of recent incident, 56 people arrested

    According to reports Kurdistan Human Rights Association quoted by news agencies, internal security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Wednesday 7 June 2017, So far, 56 people, many of them citizens of East Kurdistan are, all of them accused of involvement in the the recent terrorist attacks of …

  • 9 ژوئن

    Iran execute two Kurdish man in Kermanshah 

    According to the report on the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Thursday 25 May 2017, coinciding with execution athlete prominent Kurdish from Kermanshah called “Hojat Tedro “, two other prisoners, namely family, “Khosravi” and “Teimuri” on charges of murder and armed robbery were executed. An informed source said that due …

  • 9 ژوئن

    Emboldened Kurdish Aspirations in Iran: Where Are They Headed?

    The revival of Kurdish nationalism in the Middle East has largely been discussed in the context of Syria and Iraq, but not Iran—which is the home of seven to nine million Kurds who make up almost 10 percent of the Iranian population. Behind the scant attention is the common perception …

  • 1 ژوئن

    A Kurdish girl missing from Orumieh Prison

    According to the report on the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, “Asma poorsalimi” from the city of Orumieh in East Kurdistan, in 2016 , and in the return flow from the south Kurdistan by the Islamic Republic of Iran, was arrested and was interrogated and charges of “armed struggle against the …