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می, 2017

  • 31 می

    Iranian Security Forces Tortured to Death a Kurdish/Finnish Citizen

    A Kurdish citizen, Diako Hashemi was tortured to death by the Iranian Security Force in Karaj. Diako, from Rawansar, a city of Kirmashan (Kermanshah) Province, was resident of Karaj. According to Hengaw, a human rights news agency, Diako Hashemi died under brutal torture after his returning from a European country …

  • 27 می

    Hemen Mostafaei Kurdish political prisoner death sentence caused chaos in Kurdish city

    Hemen Mostafaei, was born in July 1989 and from the village Kanidinar the function of the city of Marivan is he in March 2013 , the solar arrested and put pressure on and persecution of him in the custody of state security of the Islamic Republic of Iran to confessed …

  • 20 می

    Defining a Foreign Terrorist Organization

    Equating the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) shows a profound lack of nuance. While the United States lists both ISIS and the PKK as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO), their ideology and tactics are dramatically different. ISIS was founded in 2006 based …

  • 18 می

    328 Executed Kurds including 21 women during the Rouhani presidency

    According to the statistics recorded in the Statistical Center (HەNgav), of Khordad 1392 to Persian date Khordad 1396 328 death sentences in Iranian prisons Kurdish citizen carried out the most executions in the prison of Orumieh and Karaj has been made. According to the statistics, 21 of the 328 Kurdish …

  • 13 می

    “Refugees” settled in North Kurdistan are given military training by Erdogan 

    With specially selected groups under the guise of “aiding refugees”, the AKP regime wants to change the demographic structure in North Kurdistan and turn the region into a military barracks. There are reports that hundreds of Afghans, Chechens, Uzbeks and Kyrgyzs who were settled in Kurdistan were given military training …

  • 10 می

    Erdogan’s Crimes against Humanity

    Yazidis say they have been subjected to 72 genocidal massacres. The latest genocide, committed by ISIS, is the 73rd and is still going on. Tens of thousands of Yazidis have been displaced and are refugees in several countries. Hundreds of Yazidi girls and women are still bought, sold and raped by …

  • 1 می

    A 64-year old Kurdish woman in Iranian prison 

    A Kurdish woman who has been charged to have connection with Kurdish political parties has been serving prison sentence since three years ago. The health condition of Nooshin Mirabdulbaqi has deteriorated and authorities insist on holding her without medical care. She is sentenced to thirty three years of imprisonment.  Source  …

  • 1 می

    A Kurdish Poet Arrested in Ilam by Iranian Officials

    According to a report of the Kurdistan’s Democracy and Human rights Center, Ali Mohammad Mohammadi, the Kurdish poet and political activists who is a member of the election campaign of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani were arrested Saturday morning. The arresting came after Mohammadi read a satirical poem related to the …

آوریل, 2017

  • 28 آوریل

    “Respect international law” – UN experts urge Iran to stop executions

    Iran must abide by its obligations under international human rights law and stop carrying out death sentences passed on persons who committed offences when children, say a group of United Nations rights experts* calling for an immediate halt to the execution of two persons, who were sentenced when they were …