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آوریل, 2017

  • 9 آوریل

    5300 prisoners in Iran scheduled for execution 

    According to reports from association of family of prisoners, a public meeting and campaign against the execution of political prisoners are blocked. The association protest planned in front of Iranian parliament.  In other statement, MP from Jiroft announced that 5300 prisoners are scheduled to be executed.  Amnesty and humanitarian organizations …

مارس, 2017

  • 22 مارس

    Germany blocks arms sales to Turkey

    The German government has refused approval for military exports to NATO partner country Turkey on a growing number of occasions. Ministers are concerned the weapons could be used to oppress the local population. Source  http://m.dw.com/en/germany-blocks-arms-sales-to-turkey-report/a-38059815?maca=en-Twitter-sharing

  • 17 مارس

    17 Kurds in execution line

    According to Hengaw news, out of 22 prisoners who have been set for execution in Hamadan prison, 17 of them belong to Kurdish community.  Source  http://hengaw.info/fa/2017/03/17/%D8%A7%D8%AD%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%B2-%D9%87%D9%88%DB%8C%D8%AA-%D9%A1%D9%A7-%D8%B2%D9%86%D8%AF%D8%A7%D9%86%DB%8C-%DA%A9%D9%88%D8%B1%D8%AF-%D9%85%D8%AD%DA%A9%D9%88%D9%85-%D8%A8%DB%95-%D8%A7%D8%B9%D8%AF%D8%A7/

  • 14 مارس

    Dutch Kurds call on Netherlands to ally against Erdogan

    According to the Kurdish organization, the Turkish ultra-nationlist organization MHP called on it’s youth militias to carry out actions in Europe. “This group is responsible for mass murders in the east of Turkey, in Kurdistan, but also for attacks on Kurdish organizations over the last 20 years,” DEM-NED added. “We …

  • 10 مارس

    Erdogan’s Obsession With Killing Kurds Could Necessitate a US-Russia Alliance in Syria

    We’re not joking: Turkey has become so crazy that it might require Russia and the U.S. to team up in northern Syria. Actually, we suspect there is already a high level of cooperation that is not being publicly disclosed, for political reasons. Source  http://russia-insider.com/en/turkey-has-become-so-crazy-it-might-necessitate-us-russia-alliance-syria/ri19156

  • 9 مارس

    Farzad letter for March 8

    Hello, my precious, today is Women’s Day, the day that I always long for. On this day, instead of your kind hands, my thoughts are decorated with a narcissus flower more chaotic than your tresses. It has been two years since I have seen the colour of violet and felt …

  • 6 مارس

    63-year Kurdish man hanged

    According to KMMK report from inside Urmia prison, a 63-year man was hanged in prison last week.  Yusef Alizadeh, a Kurdish man charged with carrying drug, has been hanged in prison along with another Kurdish man with same charge.  According to UN human rights report, Iran is executing Kurdish citizens …

  • 5 مارس

    Demirbaş: I’ll Fight for Freedom Even if I’m Jailed for 1,000 Years

     In light of the recent violence in Turkey, particularly the Turkish state’s assault on the mostly Kurdish cities and towns in the southeast, the Armenian Weekly spoke with Abdullah Demirbaş, the former mayor of Diyarbakir’s Sur municipality. Demirbaş was imprisoned by the authorities from August to October 2015; he was released from …

  • 3 مارس

    Iran hanged 11 Kurds within 12 days

    According to the figures reported by Mrovayeti  statistics, within 12 days 11 Kurdish citizens in prisons Krmashan, Ilam, Khorramabad and Urmia were hanged by the Iranian regime. On the other hand over same period of 12 days only one non-Kurdish prisoner in Iran named “Reza dignity,” 39-year-old and a resident …

فوریه, 2017

  • 27 فوریه

    Another Kurdish Kolbar Killed in Saqez

    According to eye-witnesses, Abdoli was not carrying any products at the time and he was shot without any formal warning. Witnesses further reported that Abdoli was transferred to a local hospital, and died two days later due to his injuries. Earlier, on July 6, another Kurdish courier, ‘Navid’, along with three …