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می, 2016

  • 6 می

    Will ISIS Invade Europe ?

    Malatya city (Turkey) municipality is hosting a meeting for head of Al Nusra terrorist group. Jihadi commander talking in the video is Ömer Abdullah, head of al Nusra (Al Qaeda affiliate) allied Sultan Abdulhamit Han Brigades in Syria. The head of Al-Nusra is advocating violence and the ideology of the …

  • 3 می

    Turkey Eliminate Kurds Protection , Curse of Majority Democracy

    Pejvak Kokabian May 2, 2016, Turkey’s parliament removed the parliamentary protection for members of parliaments. Turkish constitutional commission has passed the proposal for the vote on immunity to be removed. If the bill is passed favorably, HDP MP’s can be arrested. This law has been passed by other Turkish political …

آوریل, 2016

  • 30 آوریل

    Turkey has ‘secret deal with ISIS’ to swap guns for looted oil

    Reporting from Express media , UK and according to a cache of documents seen by Russia’s state-backed broadcaster, Turkish officials are signing off on payments to jihadi oil merchants in a deal which critics say places Ankara at the heart of ISIS’ terror network. Kremlin-funded television network RT said invoices …

  • 27 آوریل

    Turkey use chemical weapons against Kurdish civilians

    According to field reports from Nusaybin, Mardin province in Turkey, Turkish armed forces use chemical mortars against the whole city.   [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QruYZD2cncE[/youtube]